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You believe in your business, service, and products. You need help to grow your business and connect with your audience. I’ll help you find the best solution to make that right connection.

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If you only want to have a conversation about your business goals, and overview of your online presence, help on what you can do to improve it, we can either meet, talk over the phone or email. A well developed and thorough report will be given to you including your current online position, progress and comparison with your goals and how you can modify things to get closer to your target. My consulting sessions are always full of energy, great ideas, and at the end of the session you feel inspired and excited to try your new ideas. I’ll help you find the best solution to make connection with your audience through creative ideas and through the best use of online tools. I will help you find your unique competitive advantage that makes you a winner in your field. And then my emphasis will be to give you ideas on how you can show your uniqueness to you consumer. These sessions are informative, educational, and at the end of the session you will have a great idea on how you want to approach your online marketing to best market your business, tell your story, and stay connected.

Online Presence (Website/Social Media):

You have a great idea on how you want to make connection with your audience. We’ll give you the tools to translate your ideas into actions.

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Your Online Presence includes everything you have online about your business. From website to social media profiles, links, videos, photos etc..

I’ll help you build your unique and professional brand online. Make the Right First Impression through your online face. Having a professional Website with strong SEO is the first step.Then comes social media profiles and links to make your business visible to your audience in places they spend most of their time.

If you already have a website but you don’t get visits or it is not bringing you customers, I can fix that for you.

In order to have a website that would work for your business you need to have a Great Quality, Professional Website, Mobile Responsive, with Good Content, SEO, and User Friendly design. These are what I deliver at Tahereh Marketing. 



The most successful ads are those that tell stories. People remember stories. This is a great opportunity to make emotional connection with your audience and be remembered.

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Advertisement includes, Pay Per Click or PPC (Social Media Ads and Adwords), videos, and photography.

PPC is a great way to put your ad in front of your target. You can specify who you want to see your ad. PPC also gives you data to learn about your market and people’s behavior and their decision making habits.

Photography and Videos

I will also help you with other advertisement mediums. It is said that one of the best ways to be remembered is to tell stories. People remember stories 22 times better than facts. I strongly believe that storytelling is one of the best ways in order to connect with your audience. There are big names and brands that are earning much of their business through storytelling. This can be done through photography and videos.

I strongly  believe in storytelling advertisement rather than old fashioned ways which won’t bring you much results. Storytelling and engaging with your audience is much easier right now with the existence of technology and tools that help you talk to your consumer without spending so much money. I’ll help you tell stories and win your audiences’ attention. 



You want to take care of your own Online Marketing? I can help you. I’ll give you what you need to know about the online world and how you can make the best use of opportunities to stay on top and win your audiences’ attention.

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I also highly encourage you to have a training session for your employees as well and involve them in your marketing to benefit the company and reach goals faster. I believe if all the employees learn even the basic aspect of Digital Marketing, it brings lots of values to the business.