Increase your Revenue by Educating your Employees about Online Opportunities!

improve your business - grow your business through online marketing

As a Leader you need to make sure Employees are working like a Gateway to Bring Attention to your Company

Organizations, firms, and companies need innovation to be able to succeed and grow in their industry. Best innovative ideas can come from those who have been within that culture and their values have formed and are aligned with the company’s mission and vision.

No matter what your company is offering, you need paying customers and clients to survive. Each individual employee in your firm, company, and organization can be a source of innovation on ways they can bring attention to your products and services.

Each individual has to feel the tendency to be more than just an employee and feel and see themselves as stakeholders. As a leader you need to make sure employees are working like a gateway to bring attention to your company. No matter what their role is, they can become advocates of your services and products.

What we do to make your employees your Online Advocates!

We offer educational sessions for your employees on how they can participate online to bring attention to your company through informal ways that is more trusted from your consumers point of view.

Our Online Marketing sessions give the required knowledge and urge to make your employees think and breathe Online. This gives your organization a chance to shine even more and bring more attention through different sources.

Here is what we’ll go through in our sessions:

  • Overview of your industry, mission and vision. This helps bring all the attentions on a same page and defines the goal each employee should have in mind.
  • How to make your business vision a unique brand that employees can carry online
  • How to gain trust online
  • How to genuinely and ethically work online to get attention and bring more customers
  • Where to find your customers online
  • SEO with the latest updates on how search engines work to put you in front of your consumers
  • Social media and it’s effects on your success
  • How to deal with social media negative comments and reviews
Business Retreats!

improve your business - grow your business through online marketing

You want to make your employees even more excited?

We would like to offer companies “Business Retreat” Sessions. Retreat your beloved employees who are putting their precious time to work at your company to bring stakeholders satisfaction and results. They deserve to be seen and be appreciated.

Through these retreat sessions you will show your appreciation to your employees and bring them together to make more connection between them and also use this opportunity to teach them about Online Marketing.

According to your budget these sessions can be held in or out of your city. Some prefer luxury experience of going to another country in a luxury hotel to give their mind and body the rest it deserves and have the presentations there.


The presenter of these sessions has more than 20 years experience in the field of Business, Branding, and Online Marketing. He is a National Speaker who has thought and gave many speeches for firms, multi million dollar companies, colleges and universities.

He has wealth of information that he presents in an easy way to understand and digest. These sessions are not meant to be scientific, with complicated facts. They are designed in an easy way to understand and not only teach employees how to care for your business but also encourage them and make them excited to participate in making the business grow.

These sessions are designed to bring your business benefit, by increasing your revenue. It is an opportunity to make employees excited about their workplace and make them more than just an employee by converting them advocates of your brand in the Online World.

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