How Do I Start My First Business?

Starting your first business needs an idea with a unique mission and vision to set you apart from your competitors. And then a knowledgeable team. You would also need to introduce your business through ads, marketing, online presence, social media, etc…

These are all known facts. You know it, right? If you need to buy a product or if you need to book a session for a service, what would you do? You do some research, you’ll find someone you can trust, ask for recommendations and then book your session or buy the product.

As a business owner you need to be present where your consumer is looking for products or services like yours. You need to be part of the research when consumers are looking for information, and you need to be prepared to close the deal when they have made their mind. You need to also give a good service to make a happy client for yourself.

But these are all obvious and easy to apply. You can find tons of information online on how you can best present your business to your consumer.

But here is what I believe you need to start your first business.

You need right lifestyle habits. You need right mindset. You need many soft skills that would guide you through your business and hard times.

You can start as many businesses as you want in a day. But what makes your business successful is YOU. The motivation to wake up every day to start doing your tasks without having a boss to ask you be at work at 9 am sharp. You have to have discipline.

Let me tell you. Starting a business is piece of cake. Starting to make a businesswoman out of yourself is something that requires time and lots of efforts.

The good news is that it is doable. It is like an intense gym workout. During your workout session you may swear and feel the pain, and feel the sense of giving up. But once the workout is done you feel great. If you repeat these workouts and add to the intensity of the workouts you will grow stronger. Then there will come days that you still feel the pain but you don’t swear and you enjoy that pain throughout the workout. There will be days that you won’t be satisfied if your workout doesn’t bring pain out of your muscles. Once it is done you can’t wait for tomorrow to come and experience the same great feeling.

Being in business is like having these workouts every day. At the beginning you have to know that it is hard to make commitment. It is hard to get up without a boss over our head. It is hard to send emails when it is optional. It is hard to do tasks that don’t make you excited. It is hard to make people around you respect your time, just because you are in charge of it.

There will be dark days with no motivation and energy. There will be exciting days that you have to control your excitement. There will be days you feel defeated. There will be days when you feel no one understands you.

So what is needed to start your first business? It needs the right YOU. The first business requires a person who knows what is waiting for her. A person who knows it is not easy and she is not signing up for EASY.

It needs step by step plan that no matter how hard you feel the pressure you still go through it to make yourself stronger.

There will come days that you’ll get use to this pressure and you can’t live without it. Because you have seen how strong, knowledgeable and experienced you have become just by going through these pressures.

First business is like any first experience. It sounds exciting and makes you excited. You go through it and you see reality. You will hate the hard times and want to give up. But the right YOU pushes you through the hard times and you will see the beauties soon after. And this is when you see the signs of success. This is where you feel you want to do what you are doing every day. This is where you smile more often.

You start your first business with the right attitude.

You start your first business with a written plan.

You start anything in life by starting to work on yourself.

Teach yourself deciplin through daily workouts. Give yourself energy through adopting healthy habits. Manage your time by breaking down tasks and switching between them every one or two hours. Get help. Find mentors. Dedicate tasks. Read lots of books. Sleep at least 8 hours. Drink 8 glasses of water. Dress well. Make your bed. Clean your home and working environment. Think positive. Spend time only with positive and like minded people.

As I always say, make the success within you, and everything you touch becomes successful.





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