Four Seasons of Life and Business

We can learn many great lessons from life and nature. Jim Rohn teaches us a great lesson looking at the four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Your life, business, or even your days will have winter. You may feel one or more seasons on a same day. Winter is when you feel under pressure. When you feel you can’t keep up with the amount of work you have to do. It is when things are harder for you. No one can say they haven’t experienced winter in their life. We can’t do anything to prevent it from coming. What you need to do is to be ready for your life’s and business winter time.

You need to know your plan when winter hits. When you run out of money. When ideas stop coming. When your hands are tight. When you don’t have energy. When you feel lonely.

Your brain needs to know how to handle winter before it comes. Otherwise, it gives you panic. This is even how navy seals are trained. There is a very small part in the brain that is in charge of our emotional reactions. This part of the brain receives information twice as fast as the frontal lob which is in charge of problem solving, reasoning and thinking.

So if you are not prepared beforehand, when you come across a problem your brain sends panic signals to your body and once you panic your mind freezes and you will have reactions that might cost you. That is why navy seals are trained in hard situations so that they will be ready to face hard situations in the battle field and real world.

How ready are you for your winters? If you want to make the right decisions you have to start planning now. You have to be ready. If you wake up in the morning and you see yourself tired without energy, that might be the winter of your day. If you don’t set a plan to what you have to do on those days to give you back your energy, you might end up lying down the whole day.

For some, it is reading few pages of a specific book. Some meditate. Some people go for a walk in nature. Whatever it is for you, you need to set it before those situations happen so you will be ready instead of giving up.

After winter, spring comes. This is where you are in your best situation. You have lots of opportunities. This is when you have to be active. You have to act fast as this season can pass quickly. Do as much work as you can. This is not the time to sleep.

After spring comes summer. Summer is when pests come around. This is when you have gained a lot in spring and feel the taste of success but you will get attacked. Are you ready for this season? You will be attacked no matter what you do as long as you are successful. Your ideas, works, projects will be attacked if they are performing well. You need to know this and be ready for it.

Fall is the harvest time. It is when you will see the results. The result of your actions. This is the time you have to enjoy for what you have achieved. And don’t be apologetic. You also have to take responsibility for what you haven’t achieved. This season is all about results that you can learn from and get ready for winter. Reflect on your actions and make adjustments.

Are you ready for the four seasons of your Life and Business?

Let’s plan now. When you see your business is not growing or it is going down, know that it is winter time. Go back to your plans and what you thought would help for this time of your business and apply them.

Do as much as you can during springs when you see opportunities.

Be prepared for summer and the feedback you will get from others. Get though this phase and don’t break.

Enjoy Fall and study the results. Plan and get ready for winter.









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