Be positive, give value, solve problems, and be genuine

how to do marketing for your business

When advertisers build their business around the strategy of talking directly to the customers, they become slaves to the math of interruption marketing. -Seth Godin

If you see yourself as a business owner who advertises her business directly to your consumer, know that you are following traditional interruption marketing. This might be the answer to your question that “I am very active I talk to everyone I see about my business, I spend a lot on ads but I don’t get enough money in return to even cover my costs”.

In modern marketing, the marketer creates an environment where the idea can replicate and spread among consumers.

How can you do modern marketing?

You have probably heard about making tribes. Tribe is  where you find a connection between you and your target market. Tribe is where everyone feels comfortable being in it and feels belonged to that place. Tribes help you offer more than your service or product to your target market. You can offer free education on what your target has interest in. Tribes connect you deeply with your audience and makes them part of who you are.

Stop selling. Don’t interrupt people to talk to them about your product. See what they need. And indirectly put your product in front of them. Make them ask for your product. Find the interest areas of your target and be where they are. Be creative and give solutions through your service and product. Let them know what it is in it for them. Be positive, give value, solve problems, and be genuine, these are the best marketing tools you can use to start your business.

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