My name is Tahereh. If that is hard to pronounce you can call me Tina! :)

I would like to call myself an adventurer who seeks new paths that make living and reaching goals easier. It all started with doing this for myself. Living in a world that surrounds us with predefined perfections and standards leave us in a vague situation between what we are told to be and who we really are. One day we know exactly what we want to be and what we want to do and another day we doubt it and something within us calls for a different thing. Days pass and in a few years the only achievement is the shame that we haven’t done anything. We also sacrifice our physical and mental health due to the pressures of finding the perfect life and the never ending fight of the many voices in our head that are shaped by media and society.

At one point I decided to act. I decided to take control of my life rather than society taking care of it. I took my life, my business, and my health in my own hands. I decided to define every bit of what and who I should be, myself. I started my adventure with lots and lots of research and readings.  Dedicated many years of my precious time to something that has the most value in this world and that is finding the truth beyond what marketers and businesses tell us about success, health, relationships, family, and life…

And guess what? I found it. I found the key to success, happiness, health, and freedom. I have helped many people to feel their best along the way. And for me nothing is more rewarding when I receive messages that I could help someone to reach their goal, to start acting, to become healthy again. I receive messages that people tell me their families are surprised. They used to be grumpy all the time and now they are the happiest.

The key is how you can find freedom from all the voices around you and listen to the truth within you that is calling you and showing you the path.

My approach is not hard to follow. It doesn’t take so much time to understand. It sinks in the moment you hear it because it connects with the truth within you.

What makes me different?

Well so many things…. Have you ever seen anyone who has a background in Business, Marketing, Music, Animation and Storytelling, Quantum Physics, Religious studies, Meditation, Photography, Health and Nutrition?

I tried all these fields, and dedicated my time to master and understand them to be able to learn the most about life, happiness, success, and truth….

Now here I am to help you reach your best. You are unique. And your future is unique too. Together we’ll find the best way for you to reach your Health goals. Or in another word, I help you feel Freedom and live Free!